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Mayor reports 1.8 million tourists expected in Playa del Carmen for upcoming holidays

By Tribune Travel

December 15, 2022

Because of the expected arrival, heightened security was started around the municipality on Monday, according to mayor Lili Campos.

Campos posted on social media that Solidaridad is now prepared to welcome more than 1.8 million visitors.

We officially launched the Winter Operational Plan, which will be overseen by SPC Solidaridad and work to protect Solidaridad and any holiday visitors.

On December 9, the Christmas security operation got under way with the help of 958 municipal police personnel. These cops, according to Campos, will be on duty to ensure the peace and safety of both visitors and residents.

She added that the city has started putting in more security cameras to increase monitoring along Fifth Avenue, its cross streets, the beaches, and Villas del Sol.

The Ministry of Public Security, the 15th Navy Station’s naval search and rescue station, and 16 licensed lifeguards on duty at beaches collaborate to protect the thousands of beachgoers who are anticipated to begin visiting the shores in the coming days.





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