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Millions of pesos released by Mexican government for beach cleaning

By Tribune Travel

August 02, 2023

Sargassum has been primarily addressed at the local or state level, despite being a major concern among Mexican Caribbean travelers, even managing to outpace safety.

With the announcement of a significant financial injection of several million dollars to aid in the removal of sargassum seaweed from public beaches, that is about to change. The additional funds from the national government are anticipated to make a significant contribution in the fight against sargassum when combined with other initiatives being made by the private sector.

Funds will be transferred from state coffers to local officials in a number of important tourist hotspots, including Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Playa del Carmen, as part of the new initiative, which was announced this week.

The new initiative, which will, according to officials, focus on 73 beaches throughout the Mexican Caribbean, will give smaller communities that have struggled to get rid of sargassum from their shores much-needed financial support.

The new initiative is scheduled to begin on August 1 of this year and run through the end of the year. Sargassum seaweed must be removed no later than 48 hours after washing ashore, per official documents related to the new government program.

The following beaches are among the numerous ones that will get additional funding to help combat the rising levels of sargassum:

    Cancun: Ballenas, Chacmool, Coral, Del nino, Delfines, Marlín, and Perlas

    Isla Mujeres: Playa Centro, Playa Norte, Aguakan, Aguakan

    Playa del Carmen: Playa Caribe, Pelícanos, Punta Esmeralda, Xcalacoco

    Tulum: Mezzanine, Pescadores, Punta Piedra, Santa Fe





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