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New Tourist Driving Card issued in Cancun

By Tribune Travel

December 22, 2023

Cancun car rental companies are already handing out tourist cards to drivers who are not from the area. Foreign drivers are granted two driving infraction warnings with the tourist driver card.


Rather than being fined, drivers who commit minor infractions will receive a warning. The digital cards are linked to the driver of the rental automobile and that’s also where the violations are monitored.


The Car Rental Association gave out 5,000 tourist cards to well-known Cancun car rental businesses on the day of the card’s debut.


The card’s issuing also serves to counteract corruption within the transit police, which has been known to occur with drivers from outside the area.


The rental car is where you keep the tourist card. Common-sense infractions that are not pardoned include driving while intoxicated, parking in disabled areas, and having an accident that causes damage to another person.


To prevent piracy, the cards are only issued by reputable rental companies. They have a QR code attached so that drivers can first view the English Municipal Traffic Regulations. The cards also contain the Cancun diplomatic representatives’ and consuls’ contact details.





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