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Possible land expropriation for the Maya Train’s southern section

By Tribune Travel

October 19, 2022

In the deep south, expropriation of land is a possibility. Following demands for payment for the use of the Maya Train and Chetumal roadway by five ejido communities, the prospect of a government land seizure is now a reality.

The ejido controversy over the Maya Train right of way that runs between Tulum and Bacalar, according to Raul Villanueva, President of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) in Chetumal, just calls for managerial skills.

“The president has skilled political operatives, and we believe he can find a solution. With all these ejido residents, it simply requires excellent administration, he said.The head of Coparmex said it is important to make the ejidos see the benefits that the Maya Train will bring, mainly in terms of connectivity.

He stated, “I believe there are components to sit at the table and let these folks understand how crucial the initiative is.” He added that the Constitution allows the government to easily acquire the land without any problems, regardless of what they demand.

Nobody wants expropriation, nationalization, or other actions of this nature, but these are options, he said.





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