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Playa El Recodo: The Potential First Pet-Friendly Beach in Playa del Carmen

By Tribune Travel

July 21, 2023

Playa El Recodo, situated in central Playa del Carmen, is being considered as the city’s potential first officially designated pet-friendly beach. Lourdez Varguez, the Secretary of the Environment, has suggested that this location could be the ideal choice. Recent sandbank recovery efforts have enhanced the beach, making it a suitable candidate for a pet-friendly environment. For years, having pets on beaches in Quintana Roo state has been prohibited, but there has been a growing demand for a pet-friendly beach in Playa del Carmen since 2020.

Within a month, the demand for a pet-friendly beach may be addressed, pending a citizen consultation to determine whether dogs should be allowed on Playa El Recodo. The decision will rest with the majority of the population, as the agency has received both supportive and opposing letters on the matter.

Varguez highlighted that Playa El Recodo is one of the most feasible options for this purpose due to its successful recovery from sargassum and the support from local fishermen. However, it has not yet been officially designated as a pet-friendly beach.

While there are already several pet-friendly beaches in the state, Playa del Carmen currently lacks one. For instance, Cancun has Playa Coral (El Mirador II), which is a Blue Flag pet-friendly beach, and Isla Blanca on the mainland of Isla Mujeres provides a pet-friendly beach area for dogs. Additionally, Punta Nizuc at kilometer 32 of the Cancun Hotel Zone and Isla Mujeres’ Kilometer One of the Carribean Sea highway are also pet-friendly areas. Moreover, along the coast, various hotels and private landowners offer pet-friendly beach clubs for a fee.





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