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Seaweed barrier installed in Tulum

By Tribune Travel

June 16, 2023

Barriers to stop the spread of sargassum have started to be built in recent days along some of the beaches of Tulum National Park (PNT).

According to Jorge Baas of the cooperative Nativas, the 200-meter barrier between Maya and Pescadores beach has started to be installed in the last few days.

They were supposed to be installed at the end of April, but for some reason that didn’t happen.

The buoys were initially installed by the Ministry of the Navy, the organization in charge of this action, in February to support the barriers, but the infrastructure was not maintained after that.

A sargacero boat for collecting sargassum arrived a month ago, but it wasn’t used until now and won’t start working until the barriers are all in place.

It is important to keep in mind that 2.4 kilometers of barriers will be built on the beaches of Tulum National Park. The Navy has not specified a completion date for this infrastructure project, which will run from Mezzanine Plaza to the Tulum archaeological zone.





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