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Tulum and Expedia join in wellness promotion campaign

By Tribune Travel

July 10, 2023

Promoting Tulum as a vacation spot that encourages well-being and connections with nature will be the focus of the promotional launch with the top online travel agency in the world.

The six-month marketing campaign is directed at tourists from the United States and Mexico. Along with promoting Tulum, the campaign will help the destination’s hotels occupancy, which will boost tourism and bring in more money thanks to an expected rise in bookings.

Advertising banners will be inserted to present the campaign, making Tulum more noticeable in comparison to rival travel destinations. The Tulum City government and the regional hotel industry are working together to carry out the promotion campaigns.

According to Tulum Mayor Castañon Trejo, work is being done on both the design of new marketing and public relations campaigns with specialized media, airlines, agencies, and travel influencers as well as the integration of alliances.





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