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128 passengers evacuated from Cabo Rey boat in Los Cabos

By Tribune Travel

May 05, 2023

On Wednesday night, the 128 passengers of the tourist ship “Cabo Rey” lived minutes of anxiety when a leak was reported.

The Secretary of the Navy, as Coast Guard, announced that the 128 passengers of the tourist ship “Cabo Rey” were safely evacuated after a water leak was reported on Wednesday night, May 3. The captain of the vessel reported the situation and said that there was a water leak in the hull of the vessel that needed to be dealt with immediately.

Personnel from the Second Naval Zone, assisted by a smaller Defender-type vessel and an MLB boat, came to the rescue and disembarked the passengers three kilometers south of Cabo San Lucas. They were later taken to the Cabo San Lucas dock for medical attention.

It was reported that the waterway was fully controlled and the vessel was towed to the anchorage area of Cabo San Lucas Bay.

Videos of the passengers’ anxious moments were shared on social media. However, thanks to the quick and effective response of Ensar Los Cabos personnel, everyone was evacuated without a hitch and without compromising their safety.

With reporting by Daniela Lara for Tribuna de México





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