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22 shelters ready in Bahia for the rainy season and hurricanes 2023

By Tribune Travel

July 12, 2023

The Civil Protection Department of Bahia de Banderas informs that during this rainy season and the next hurricane season there are 22 temporary shelters in the mountainous, urban and coastal areas of the municipality that will be set up, if weather conditions warrant it, with a capacity of 6 thousand people.

Paola Shain Maldonado Valencia said that the vulnerable areas have been identified and a contingency plan has been drawn up, in which evacuations will be carried out, taking the refugees to safe areas.

The same will be done with the coastal zone, the inhabitants settled in river and mountain areas will be taken to schools in Bucerías for their protection.

In addition to the urban zone, such as Jarretaderas, San Vicente and other subdivision areas that could suffer flooding, schools in Mezcales and the Technological University of Banderas Bay (UTBB) in Nuevo Vallarta would be occupied.

She pointed out that the first rains that have occurred at the end of June and beginning of July have not represented a major danger of flooding for the risk areas, only some flooding in the Jarretaderas subdivision area and the second entrance to Nuevo Vallarta.

According to the National Meteorological System, between 16 and 22 tropical cyclones are expected to develop in the Pacific and between 10 and 16 in the Atlantic during the 2023 hurricane season.





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