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Fiesta de la Música is back in Los Cabos with a new version

By Tribune Travel

June 20, 2023

The Fiesta de la Música is an international celebration of music that was first held in Europe. More than 120 nations, including Mexico’s cities of Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi, and Los Cabos, participate in this celebration.

This festival’s primary goal is to promote music by offering a free space for the local musicians to express themselves. Additionally, it is a gathering where the locals can take in a variety of musical offerings, giving them a chance to hear music that is different from what they are accustomed to hearing.

The Fiesta de la Música will feature local musicians in this new edition with the intention of showcasing the outstanding talent found in the community.

The “Antonio Mijares” Public Square will be the location of this celebration on the 24th. The township will take part in a state-wide celebration, though.

La Paz will be hosting a music festival on June 21, the municipality of Mulegé will celebrate on Saturday, and here in San José del Cabo it will be on Saturday, June 24, we are joining in a statewide effort.

A cultural creation made by man for his enjoyment and communication, music is an artistic expression whose goals are to evoke an aesthetic experience in the listener and to express feelings, situations, thoughts, or ideas. It disregards differences in gender, race, culture, or social status.





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