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Halloween in Cabo San Lucas: 9K visitors expected

By Tribune Travel

November 01, 2023

Halloween festivities in downtown Cabo San Lucas are expected to generate a significant economic revenue of 12 million pesos and attract around 9,000 visitors, according to Robbin Hernandez, president of the Association of Professionals and Business Leaders.

The recovery of nightlife has been noticeable in nightclubs, bars and nightclubs, which have experienced important changes after overcoming the health alert for Covid-19. For Halloween, a lively celebration is expected at the marina and in various areas within the Cabo San Lucas delegation.

Nightlife has not only limited itself to the organization of events related to Halloween; it has also demonstrated its commitment to the preservation and promotion of Mexican traditions, such as the Day of the Dead.

Businessmen in the tourist zone consider that the next three days will be of great relevance, since they expect a significant flow of visitors and an important economic benefit, as highlighted by the Association of Professionals and Business Leaders in the destination.

The Public Safety Department is expected to implement a special operation in the downtown area, with the closure of several roads to prevent possible accidents due to the large number of people attending the Halloween celebration. In addition, the transportation sector will suspend its operations starting at 5:00 p.m., in order to ensure the safety of both users and drivers.





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