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La Paz beaches deemed safe after rainfall pollution

By Tribune Travel

October 13, 2023

Hurricane “Lidia” caused sewage runoff in the city, which flowed into the La Paz boardwalk and beaches.

The Secretary of Health in the state issued a communiqué advising against entering these waters for four to five days.

Now, health officials say the beaches are safe because tests at various locations in the bay show no contamination.

COEPRIS and the Organismo Operador Municipal del Sistema de Agua Potable, Alcantarillado y Saneamiento de La Paz (OOMSAPAS) are currently working to fix the sewage leak and stop food sales on public streets.

During a tropical storm, heavy rains, or hurricane, stay informed about the health authorities’ announcements to work together as a community and implement all necessary measures to prevent health issues.





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