Los Cabos
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Los Cabos seeks to be a benchmark in pedestrian infrastructure for tourism

By Tribune Travel

September 29, 2023

The construction of pedestrian bridges is being planned and work will begin in approximately two weeks along the Transpeninsular Highway.


These bridges will be built on the federal highway to address the lack of pedestrian infrastructure. In this regard, architect Próspero Tapia, representative of the Los Cabos Section of the College of Architects, emphasized that these bridges must meet the needs of the population and, in particular, solve the problems of the area.


Próspero Tapia stressed the importance of the future pedestrian bridges on the Transpeninsular Highway becoming an icon within the tourist destinations and being accessible to both visitors and residents of Los Cabos.


He emphasized that these bridges should not be limited to conventional steel structures, but should be designed with the needs of the elderly and those with disabilities who wish to move around the area in mind.





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