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Los Cabos finishes up its 2023 air route plan

By Tribune Travel

June 08, 2023

Los Cabos added five new direct routes in the first half of the year to Mexicali, Queretaro, Ciudad Juarez, Toluca, and Cancun, bringing the total number of domestic routes to the location to 14.

According to Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares, the director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust (Fiturca), no additional domestic route announcements are anticipated for the remainder of 2023. Instead, airlines are concentrating on assessing the potential for including tourist locations that provide them with a sizable volume of business. This plan aims to increase tourism and foster regional economic development.

The positive response to the Los Cabos-to-Ciudad Juarez flight has piqued the airlines’ interest in establishing a direct route to Chihuahua’s capital. To meet demand and enhance connectivity between the two cities, the prospect of adding two flights to Chihuahua is being considered. The viability and commercial potential of this route for the airlines will determine the final choice.

According to Fiturca, Los Cabos is already covered for the strategic locations that will be directly connected from there. These flights are now anticipated to be successful, and if they are, the prospect of adding more flights in the future will be discussed.

In terms of international connectivity, in addition to the 14 domestic routes, Los Cabos International Airport provides 27 routes to various U.S. locations, 10 routes to Canada, and one route to Madrid.





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