Los Cabos
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Los Cabos hotels prepping for hurricane season

By Tribune Travel

May 18, 2023

The Los Cabos hotels have finished preparing for the upcoming hurricane season, according to Lilzi Orci, president of the Los Cabos Hotel Association.

While each hotel has its own hurricane impact plan, there are a few standard procedures that all hotel properties must follow.

In Los Cabos, for instance, resort hotels are required to have temporary locations that guests can be evacuated to and kept safe. These shelters frequently have a ballroom and a meeting room, and they are frequently on the ground floor or basement of the building.

Additionally, they require backup communications gear in case a storm causes the local network to malfunction. In addition to a hotel-wide radio system, the majority of the hotels in Los Cabos have satellite phones for this purpose.

The Los Cabos municipality also completed a structural inspection of the hotels. Building exteriors and the thorough hurricane plan created by each resort were both examined.





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