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Los Cabos expects an increase of 10 thousand new hotel rooms in the next 10 years

By Tribune Travel

July 18, 2023

At the most recent meeting of the Los Cabos International Airport Advisory Board, it was disclosed that the air terminal had grown by 7% annually. If these figures hold, it is predicted that the airport will see 20,000,000 passengers in 10 years.

In this regard, the Los Cabos Hotel Association made note—through its executive president, Lilzi Orci Fregoso—that they anticipate adding 10,000 new hotel rooms to the region’s existing 19,000 over the course of the following ten years.

You know that investments in Los Cabos have not stopped, although I understand that four developments are under construction. In 10 years I have an estimate of more than 10,000 rooms in the destination; right now. What is missing is what will be added later, so we have to get to work, and I believe that the Urban Development Plan, which is almost out for public consultation, will be a fundamental tool to know what types of developments are coming.

The hotel sector of Los Cabos emphasizes that the accelerated growth of the destination is not only responsibility of the businessmen. According to them, it is crucial that an Urban Development Plan (PDU) be presented and implemented to properly order new investments and ensure effective collaboration between government and society to meet the needs of the destination.

The truth is that this is a reality, the development that Los Cabos is having and what it can grow. This is everyone’s responsibility, not only of the private initiative, but also of the state, federal and local governments on how to visualize the part of the economic development with the development of the city. If we open more hotels, we need to expand the airport, more flights. If we bring more tourists, we need more hotels, we need more collaborators.

The Los Cabos Hotel Association announced that 609 new rooms are expected to open this year, all of them focused on the luxury segment. Major brands such as Four Seasons, St. Regis and Hyatt Park have decided to invest in Los Cabos.





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