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May celebrations boost restaurant sales in La Paz

By Tribune Travel

May 19, 2023

Restaurants in the city had 100% occupancy during the Mother’s Day and Teachers’ Day celebrations. This was announced by David Gracia Hinojosa, president of the National Chamber of Restaurants and Catering (CANIRAC) in La Paz. The businessman mentioned that these were the data thrown by the survey conducted among the merchants affiliated with the chamber after such celebrations.

    “The general consensus was that at least the sales of the previous year were maintained, but we have a clear tendency to continue increasing. I think this is something that has already been marked. The restaurant sector has been focused on surviving in the last few years, because there is no other word to describe it, and today we are taking air, today we are breathing and we are going with a positive trend”, he revealed.

The representative of CANIRAC in the community emphasized that it is expected that the high sales will be maintained during the rest of the month of May. He explained that some people do not go to restaurants on the 10th and 15th of May because they are saturated, so they prefer to celebrate on another day of the month.

Gracia Hinojosa added that the expectations for the summer are that the numbers will continue to increase. He pointed out that the arrival of tourists and the celebration of gastronomic festivals will be positive for the sector. He also said that one of the most anticipated events for the restaurant sector this year is the Baja 1000, as it is expected to bring a large number of guests.





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