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20% of patients come for medical tourism in Puerto Vallarta

By Tribune Travel

April 19, 2023

Medical tourism enjoys excellent health in the region. According to Dr. Armando Joya, director of the Joya Medical Group, up to 20 percent of the patients treated in his facilities in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are medical tourists, that is, non-residents of the region who come here to be treated.

This is an activity that has been steadily increasing due to the quality of the tourist and private medical services offered in this metropolitan area, where there are a large number of hospitals that are highly recognized and sought after by foreign patients.

In terms of numbers, Dr. Joya explained that they attend to about 40 cases a month in three different specialties that are highly sought after:


There are a hundred or more monthly bariatric, aesthetic and orthopedic surgeries, mainly performed on foreign tourists.

The medical entrepreneur pointed out that patients from the United States and Canada choose to be treated in hospitals in this tourist destination because it is more convenient for them in terms of quality and price, and they can use their health insurance here.

Dr Armando Joya
Dr. Armando Joya

With more than 25 years of experience in medical tourism, Dr. Joya said it is necessary to take advantage of the thousands of tourists from North America who come for recreation.

We have to show them the medical services so that they will come back for treatment.


Dr. Joya pointed out that it is important to strengthen the links between the tourism and medical sectors so that seasonal tourists can take advantage of the wide range of medical services available.

Finally, the director of Joya Hospitals mentioned that new alliances are needed to continue strengthening the scope of an activity that can bring much greater economic benefits to this region.


With reporting by Rodrigo López Becerril for Tribuna de la Bahía





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