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Four of the seven candidates for mayor of Puerto Vallarta participated in the CPS Media debate

By Tribune Travel

May 10, 2024

Four of the seven mayoral candidates for Puerto Vallarta participated in a recent debate, leaving Maria de Jesús López Delgado, Ramón Guerrero, and Melissa Madero notably absent.
With palpable excitement and anticipation, four candidates arrived at the CPS Media premises for the debate, representing diverse political affiliations. Leading the arrivals was Margarita Quintero, from the “Fuerza y Corazón por Vallarta” coalition, followed by Luis Munguía of the Green Party, Luz Amparo Delgado from Hagamos, and Alonso Camacho of the Labor Party.

Quintero, the first to arrive, exuded confidence in neutral attire, emphasizing her dedication to addressing citizen needs and the shared goals of all candidates. Following her, Munguía, adorned in the signature green of his party, expressed disappointment at the absence of other candidates, viewing it as a missed opportunity for constructive dialogue.

Hagamos candidate Luz Amparo Delgado expressed gratitude for the chance to engage in meaningful debate, stressing the importance of citizen participation in the democratic process. Lastly, Alonso Camacho of the Labor Party underscored the significance of the debate in informing the public about candidates’ platforms and visions for the city’s future.

Notably, only Munguía’s supporters were visibly present, eagerly awaiting his arrival with flags and music. However, tension arose as another group arrived, expressing opposition to Munguía’s candidacy, citing alleged misconduct. Despite these challenges, the debate proceeded, reflecting the essence of democracy and the complexities of political discourse.





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