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Changes in Bahía Tourism: Jorge García Orozco leaves, Sofía Zavala Macedo enters

By Tribune Travel

April 16, 2024

Jorge García Orozco has been replaced as the director of Tourism in Bahía de Banderas, signaling a shift in the administration’s plans under interim president Lía Castro Díaz de León.

García Orozco’s removal follows a two-year tenure marred by reported irregularities within the department, prompting a loss of confidence from the interim leadership.

Sofía Zavala Macedo nueva directora de Turismo de Bahía

Taking over his position is Sofía Zavala Macedo, a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in Tourism Business Administration. Zavala Macedo’s appointment was marked by a presentation meeting led by interim president Castro Díaz de León, emphasizing her bilingual education and extensive experience in real estate and hospitality.

This change reflects a broader trend, with 13 directors removed from the previous administration of Mirtha Villalvazo out of 18. Notably, the director of Municipal Development and Welfare, Perla Alarcón Ortega, has also been replaced.







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