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Changing Lives Event Rocked to a brighter future for the children of Vallarta

By Tribune Travel

January 29, 2024

The Rock and Roll pool party took place on Monday, January 22nd, from 1 pm to 6 pm, dedicated to supporting the Changing Lives initiative.

Successfully breaking barriers in education, the American English Tree Institute celebrated the triumph of its 6th annual fundraising event, “Changing Lives.”

The American English Tree Institute provides comprehensive scholarships to children facing economic challenges, equipping them with essential English language skills for a more competitive future.

AET encourages everyone in Vallarta and the surrounding areas to contribute to this cause through donations and by enrolling in Spanish lessons at AET. Enrolling in a Spanish course not only enhances your language skills but also sponsors a child, enabling them to learn English. The event at Rancho Alegre in Colonia Bobadilla was a delightful affair featuring lively rock and roll music, vendors, and an overall enjoyable atmosphere. The funds raised during this event are crucial to sustaining their efforts, ensuring that no child or adolescent is left behind in the classroom and that they possess the necessary English skills for a brighter future.

“Changing Lives” by American English Tree is more than an initiative; it signifies a dedicated commitment to a brighter future for all children and young adults by dismantling economic barriers to education. Join them in shaping a community where every individual has the tools to succeed, and your support makes a significant impact on this noble endeavor.





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