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Over 100 children breastfed during The Big Latch On

By Tribune Travel

August 08, 2021

This Sunday the great event "The Big Latch On, Puerto Vallarta-Riviera Nayarit" took place on its seventh edition. 257 people participated all in all. Of them, 99 were breastfeeding mothers and there were 107 children breastfed simultaneously. In this regard, Esmeralda Peña, Breastfeeding Coach, noted that the event was a success once again. Although it was virtual due to the epidemic, there was a lot of interest. the big latch on She recalled that " The Big Latch On" is a non-profit movement that tries to honor and promote breastfeeding in the community. Every year, breastfeeding women are invited to contribute to breaking the world record for the most infants breastfed simultaneously.
We will be waiting for the figures of how many moms were breastfeeding at the same time in order to break the world record again in the coming days. Meanwhile, there were 99 nursing women and 107 children breastfed at the same time in this region.
the big latch on On the other hand, she stated that moms and their children spent moments of emotion during the official minute to contribute to the record. In addition, mothers attended the breastfeeding conferences hosted this year at this event. They featured international experts on the subject.
One of the highlights in the excitement of the attendees was the surprise participation of Dr. Sofia Quintero, a physician with a Master's Degree in public health and extensive experience in indigenous communities in Latin America and Africa, who joined from Italy to support this movement.

the big latch on

About breastfeeding

Breastfeeding gives newborns all of the nutrition they require to grow and develop their immune systems fully. The World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF recommend that breast milk be the only nourishment for newborn infants up to 6 months of age. Also, that they be fed a combination of breast milk and age-appropriate, nutritious foods up to 2 years of age. Despite this, just one in every three babies in Mexico receives breast milk as their sole source of nutrition until they are six months old. From the first month of life, many babies are given supplementary foods. these may include formula, cow's or other animal milk, and sweetened drinks.   Breastfeeding benefits not just babies but also mothers in the short term. It reduces the risk of bleeding after birth and the risk of postpartum depression. It lowers the risk of developing ovarian cancer, breast cancer, type II diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, anemia, and osteoporosis in the long run.





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