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Commencement of Puerto Vallarta Malecón Rehabilitation: Over 15 Million Pesos Invested, Completion Expected by August

By Tribune Travel

March 26, 2024

Finally, after seven months since the City Council committed to its remodeling, the rehabilitation works on the Puerto Vallarta Malecón have commenced. This project, funded by the ZOFEMAT program (Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone), involves an investment of 15 million 400 thousand pesos. Banners from Public Works highlighting the intervention of this space have been installed, benefiting over 6 million visitors and nearly 292 thousand local residents.


The intervention of the Malecón will be carried out in sections, with signage provided, as it is an area frequented by tourists. Works will be paused during Easter, as it is when the city receives the most visitors. Following Easter Week, work will resume to ensure the project is completed by August 1st of this year.


Among the repairs are those to the lighting, with additional lights to be installed. The dolphin fountain will be renovated, as well as the replacement of flooring, electronic wiring, among other improvements. It is worth noting that although the banners do not mention the specific amount, the investment exceeds 15 million pesos, a significant increase from the initial estimation of 5 million pesos discussed seven months ago, according to information from the municipality’s Public Works department.

With information from Berenda Beltran






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