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CPS Media, Multimedios announce alliance on free-to-air TV

By Tribune Travel

November 02, 2023

CPS Media and Multimedios have announced a groundbreaking alliance that will be a milestone in the television offerings of Puerto Vallarta, Bahía de Banderas, Los Cabos and La Paz. This alliance will bring Channel 6’s programming to the free-to-air Channel 10.2. it will add a new dimension of entertainment and news to audiences in the region.


The signing of the agreement was led by the director of Multimedios, Guillermo Franco, and the director of CPS Media, David Cuevas García. It was held at the facilities of this media group in Puerto Vallarta. Its implementation will be subject to the authorization granted by the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT).


Channel 6 is known for its attractive programming, which covers a wide range of content of undisputed popularity and professional rigor. Now, with the alliance with CPS Media and its TV Mar platform, this offering will be further enhanced for the benefit of the public. Disclaimer: CPS Media is the parent company of tribune.travel.


One of the highlights of this partnership is the exchange of quality news content. Viewers will have access to a reliable and relevant source of information that will strengthen TV Mar’s programming.

CPS Media and Multimedios logos

Time for alliances


The director of Multimedios, Guillermo Franco, commented that the owners of both companies, Fernando González (CPS Media) and Francisco González (Multimedios), and their executive committees have expressed their enthusiasm for this unprecedented agreement.

It will undoubtedly strengthen the media industry in the region, not only for its reach, but also for its commitment to provide the public with the most relevant content, this is an era of alliances, we believe that one plus one equals three.

This momentous alliance requires the approval of the IFT to ensure that all requirements and regulations are fully met. Respecting Mexican law, CPS Media and Multimedios will await with interest and confidence the decision on the next steps in this agreement.


On his side, CPS Media Director David Cuevas García pointed out that with this alliance, the audiences of Puerto Vallarta, Bahía de Banderas, Los Cabos and La Paz will have the opportunity to know and enjoy a new television experience.

This will be possible thanks to the prestige and strength of Multimedios and the commitment of CPS Media to always offer its viewers the best and the newest.


In his turn, the director of TV Mar, Hugo Lynn Almada, expressed that the audiences of the regions covered by CPS Media will have the opportunity to know and enjoy a new television experience.

This is a great opportunity for viewers to see their television offer diversified, a new option for these regions that enriches what they already have on the air: a free signal for the entire television audience, this will help CPS Media to better position itself in the region and is a new window for Multimedios.



Key points of the agreement


  • The agreement implies the expansion of the television offer. The residents of Puerto Vallarta, Bahía de Banderas, Los Cabos and La Paz will be able to enjoy a more diverse and powerful television offer with the incorporation of Channel 6 to Channel 10.2 of open TV.
  • Quality informative content. The agreement includes the exchange of informative and entertaining content that will strengthen the programming of CPS Media and TV Mar. It will provide viewers with access to quality information.
  • In order to ensure compliance with all legal and administrative regulations and requirements, CPS Media and Multimedios will await the approval of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications. This approval will guarantee the successful implementation of this alliance.
  • The owners and management of both companies are excited about this unprecedented agreement. They look forward to a partnership that will benefit viewers and further strengthen the media industry in the region.

We at CPS Media will provide future updates as we move forward into this new era of television entertainment in Puerto Vallarta, Bahía de Banderas, Los Cabos and La Paz.





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