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Ejido El Porvenir, a historical figure in Bahia de Banderas

By Danna Sabido

October 26, 2023

The history of Ejido El Porvenir is a testament to the community’s struggle to obtain ejido lands. Located in Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, this ejido has a rich history spanning 83 years. Its creation process has had a profound impact on the lives of its inhabitants and has contributed to the formation of its identity as an agrarian community. However, the urban sprawl has encroached upon much of its land.

In this article, we delve into the research of Professor Eduardo Gómez Encarnación to explore how El Porvenir became an ejido and why October 16 holds significance for this town situated between San Vicente and San José del Valle.


The first steps towards the Ejido El Porvenir

The history begins with El Porvenir being an “Annex” of the ejido of San Vicente. In 1936, the residents united in a request to the Governor of the State of Nayarit to obtain ejido status. Led by the Comité Ejecutivo Particular, the process culminated in the Governor, Joaquín Cardoso, signing the Provisional Resolution on September 7, 1936. This resolution, published on October 14 of the same year, granted ejido status to both San Vicente and its Annex El Porvenir.

Dance troupe of Ejido El Porvenir



The development of the endowment

The initial endowment covered wetlands owned by the Montgomery Company of Ixtapa, Jalisco, and Daniel Lepe, benefiting 71 people. However, the residents of El Porvenir sought a more substantial endowment and requested an individual endowment as an ejido on October 26, 1936.

The Particular Executive Committee, led by Catarino Ramírez, Salvador García López, José Arreola, and José Morales, initiated a process that ultimately resulted in the acquisition of the definitive endowment. Despite facing initial obstacles and refusals, the Presidential Resolution for both ejidos was issued on August 18, 1937. Subsequently, on October 13 of the same year, Definitive Possession was granted. This marked a significant milestone in the journey of the committee and the communities they represented.

Dancers in Ejido el Porvenir



The celebration of October 16

The decision to commemorate October 16 as a symbolic day holds historical significance. As per the Provisional Proclamation of Possession and Demarcation of Ejido San Vicente and its Annex El Porvenir, the lands were measured and handed over on October 10, 1936. The Provisional Resolution was then published on October 14 in the Official Gazette of Nayarit.

Additionally, the Ejido of San Vicente celebrates its anniversary on October 13, aligning with the execution of the Definitive Possession in 1937. To avoid overlapping celebrations, it is likely that the residents decided to celebrate El Porvenir’s ejido anniversary three days later, thus commemorating 82 years since its establishment.

Letters of Ejido El Porvenir


The legacy of Ejido El Porvenir

The legacy of Ejido El Porvenir serves as a reminder of the significance of collective struggle and perseverance in the pursuit of a shared objective. Over the course of its 83-year existence, this community has overcome numerous challenges and established a legacy of resilience and determination that resonates throughout its territory.

Today, El Porvenir stands as a testament to what can be accomplished when a community unites in the pursuit of its aspirations. Their story serves as an inspiration and a reminder that, when people come together, they can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and build a brighter future for future generations.





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