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Hospiten celebrates mothers who gave birth at their institution with a seaside breakfast

Hospiten celebrates mothers

By Paco Morás

May 28, 2024

The Hospiten hospital group celebrated Mother’s Day by offering a breakfast at the Daiquiri Dick’s restaurant by the beach, accompanied by mariachi music, to a group of mothers who gave birth at this internationally renowned healthcare institution. The marketing team organized the celebration for the “Hospiten Puerto Vallarta moms,” as they have done in other cities where they operate, as a testament to the strong bonds they create with their patient community, to whom they offer continuous medical care and special occasion celebrations.

“It is always a pleasure and a joy for us to have you, pamper you, show you some affection, and give back part of that trust to the Hospiten moms who had their babies here at Hospiten Puerto Vallarta and who remain loyal patients of our doctors and services,” said the welcome message.


In this regard, Dr. Paola Juárez, coordinator of the My Health program and also a Hospiten mom, commented that the hospital maintains contact with the mothers after their children’s birth to ensure they always receive the best medical services:

“That’s right, we are here welcoming the mothers who entrusted us with the delivery of their children, who received care and follow-up from the gynecology department and subsequently at the time of birth, and now with pediatricians who monitor the healthy growth of their babies; I am also a proud Hospiten mom, and we are happy to offer this simple tribute.”

The organizing team shared that the main goal of the event is to foster interaction, “we want the Hospiten moms to get to know each other; we hold similar events across our hospital network to make them feel embraced, loved, and to be the center of attention during this celebration.”

Hospiten celebrates mothers


For her part, Karen Jennifer, a Hospiten mom, shared that it was a very pleasant experience to be in the hands of the specialists at this hospital group, who were always attentive to the progress of her pregnancy. She considers the price-quality ratio excellent, as well as the specialists and facilities, but above all, the treatment is highly recommended:

“Well, they really pamper us Hospiten moms, I see many benefits here, they have the best specialists, the best equipment but above all a special treatment with great attention.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Rayito Sánchez said that what Hospiten does for the mothers who chose them for their childbirth is incredible. She commented that they offer first-class services of great quality; in her case, what stands out the most are the attentions for their patients:





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