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Hospiten and Corazón de Niño Join Forces to Care for Children with Congenital Heart Conditions

By Tribune Travel

January 29, 2024

As part of its commitment to the community in Baja California Sur, Hospiten Hospital collaborates with foundations dedicated to the well-being of the state’s children. Hospiten recognizes the importance of participating in noble causes, especially those related to children facing congenital heart conditions that may hinder their healthy development. Italo Sampablo Lauro, Corporate Medical Director of Hospiten Mexico, emphasized the hospital’s dedication to noble causes, such as those undertaken by the Corazón de Niño foundation.

Sampablo Lauro highlighted that Hospiten provides its personnel and facilities to ensure that all medical procedures and attention take place within its premises, aiming to offer the best services possible.


As a large company, we have a strong social conscience. We are a hospital group that believes in “People caring for people.” Contributing to the community is essential, and this project is one of the best ways we can do it. We are talking about children with limited resources, facing severe health conditions that could impact their journey to adulthood. (00:53)

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The hospital opens its doors, allowing everything to happen within its premises, with the support of the hospital staff. Our Director of Nursing anticipates issues, ensuring proper patient management. (01:31)

Dr. María Isabel Ramírez, the medical coordinator of Corazón de Niño, stated that in the last period, they attended to 12 children, conducting studies, surgeries, and treatments related to congenital heart conditions.

According to the foundation’s data, the birth rate indicates that out of every 100,000 children born, 17 present congenital heart conditions in the state.

INSERT MARIA ISABEL RAMÍREZ – MEDICAL COORDINATOR CORAZÓN DE NIÑO (00:21) Both diagnosis and treatment were performed. We treated 12 children, conducting studies and providing treatment for those with congenital heart conditions. Surgeries included catheterization, therapeutic treatments, and electrophysiological procedures to cure arrhythmias. We also held a small clinic to diagnose children requiring surgery and therapeutic catheterizations. (01:02)

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According to the birth rate, one child in every 7,000 patients is expected to require treatment for congenital heart conditions. In Baja California Sur, due to our birth rate, approximately 17 out of every 100,000 children will need treatment for their heart conditions. (01:26)

Hospiten and Corazón de Niño highlighted that collaborative efforts with other private institutions have improved the quality of life for children with limited resources facing congenital heart conditions. They also invite more companies to join this important cause.






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