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Illegal construction denounced in Amapas

By Tribune Travel

May 15, 2023

The cutting of trees in the Amapas neighborhood for the construction of some buildings has been going on for months. However, the project does not have permits from Semarnat or Profepa. This results in daily machine operations that make a lot of noise.

Citizens have criticized the proposed location of this new condominium complex through pictures and videos, but they are worried about how many trees will be felled in the process.

There are two entrances to the site where you can see the work being done; one of them is on the road to Mismaloya, where the road is in poor condition and very narrow, the machines were stopped without any workers present, and you could see construction material and felled trees there but no indication that work was being done.

One could see chunks of earth where the signage for this upcoming real estate development will be on Gardenia Street in the same neighborhood.

One of the individuals who reported the tree cutting claimed over the phone that they were in nearby condominiums when they started to hear machines working. They also took pictures and videos of the project’s construction and when they enquired of others, they were told that supposedly there were no permits from the authorities.

When contacted by this newspaper, Ral Rodrguez, the Jalisco representative of the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), said he was unaware of the project and that they lacked a permit because it was in a high-risk area and the impending rains could trigger a landslide. He said he would visit the area and follow the rules in coordination with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (Profepa).





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