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“La Palapa: A Taste of Paradise,” a book with the history of Vallarta

By Tribune Travel

October 25, 2023

Under a picturesque sunset, the enchanting presentation of the book “La Palapa: A Taste of Paradise” unfolded in a joyful ambiance. The book encapsulates the 65-year journey of the iconic La Palapa restaurant, nestled on the shores of Los Muertos beach.

Alberto Pérez González, owner of La Palapa, shared that the restaurant opened its doors on December 31, 1958. He expressed immense pride in maintaining the restaurant’s original name and a timeless concept that remains a vital thread in Puerto Vallarta‘s rich history. La Palapa, he stressed, has consistently been at the forefront of innovation, undergoing continuous enhancements.

In an emotional declaration, Alberto Perez described La Palapa as an oasis offering not just exquisite taste and comfort, but also exceptional service in both the restaurant and its beach club. Above all, he emphasized, it boasts the finest gastronomy in the region.

The restaurateur proudly asserted that La Palapa stands as a symbol of Puerto Vallarta, with its local tropical cuisine blending Mexican elements with international flavors. The book, “La Palapa: A Taste of Paradise,” serves as a chronicle, narrating the intertwined histories of Puerto Vallarta and the restaurant, featuring its iconic recipes.

Discussing the book, Alberto Perez, a renowned figure in the Romantic Zone, highlighted its gastronomic focus intertwined with the flavors of Puerto Vallarta‘s history. He expressed his gratitude that La Palapa remains an integral part of the port’s essence, visited by multiple generations of locals and tourists. Many, he shared, recount memories of coming as children and returning with their own offspring to savor the essence of Vallarta.

The bilingual book, “La Palapa: A Taste of Paradise,” is accessible at La Palapa restaurant on 105 Pulpito Street in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood and at Maracuya boutiques. It will also be online soon.





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