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Launch of the Puerto Vallarta Business Contact Center

By Tribune Travel

July 06, 2023

The Network of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers (REDi) in Puerto Vallarta opened its Business Contact Center on Wednesday. It is located at the city’s International Convention Center and offers guidance and information to make business formalities and procedures easier.


This facility will support procedures like:

– Permits and licenses issued by the three levels of government.

– Support from the government to promote productivity and job growth.

– Incentives for investments

– Business startup and consolidation financing

– Initiatives and incentives to adopt and transition to more environmentally friendly business models.

– Workshops and training

– Platforms for the government and online tools for development.


This center aims to offer assistance to business owners who encounter daily challenges in any issues that may arise, particularly in the area of procedures.


The Business Contact Center will allow to:

– Gather information on policies, programs, and services from local, state, and federal governments as well as from different levels of government in one place.

– Reduce the time it takes to complete a procedure and the number of times you have to visit the office.

– Prevent the use of middlemen and ensure that all government requirements, processes, and costs are open and transparent.

– Lessen the regulatory burden by improving the effectiveness of how the three tiers of government manage their processes.





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