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Local lamb cuts finally available in Vallarta

By Tribune Travel

November 17, 2021

Sheep meat consumption has increased significantly in Mexico in recent years. Lamb has gained popularity thanks to its exquisite flavor, tenderness, and nutritious features. Rancho "El Triángulo," a local family business, is producing an excellent organic quality product known as "Cordero Premium" in Bahia de Banderas. Between 1991 and 2011, national production increased from 27,000 to 56,215 tons per year. Because of its excellent flavor, tenderness, and nutritional characteristics, lamb has recently gained popularity in the culinary world. Rancho "El Triángulo" offers a product cut and packaged in Puerto Vallarta, "Cordero Premium," which is accessible to all connoisseurs of these delicacies.


Up to 2011, about 70% of the sheep meat consumed in Mexico came from Austria and New Zealand. However, Mexican producers have gradually gained access to this market. The central states of the country are the major consumers of sheep meat, with barbacoa being the most popular method of consumption. There is also a tendency that has been thriving and rapidly expanding. It's the fine cuts. As a result, this product can be prepared in a wide range of methods. The creation of excellent dishes has won the public's favor. lamb Consumption of cuts predominates in tourist areas since it is what international visitors are most familiar with. It is an advantage that "Cordero Premium" is currently available in Puerto Vallarta.


According to the expertise of renowned chefs, the success of a high quality completed product depends on several factors. The raw material, elaboration, and presentation, as well as age, genetics, and the animal nutrition are all involved. Rancho "El Triángulo" has the commitment to delivering the best piece of lamb to the hands of those who cook, allowing them to showcase their culinary skills. The lamb is known as "baby lamb" from birth to the ending of its nursing stage. It lasts around 2 months and can be extended 15 days until it reaches a minimum weight of 25 kg. After that, it enters the fattening phase and ends up in the "lamb" category. After 6 months, it is classified as a "sheep." At this age, it begins its hormonal activity. This creates the meat's distinct stench. That is why some people avoid eating it. And it is precisely for this reason that only lamb reaches the market. lamb Feeding is important. If the feeding is inadequate, a breed's genetic advantages are not present. The nutritious content of the food taken by breastfeeding females, fattening lambs, studs, pregnant ewes, and ewes recovering from postpartum and lactation should reflect in the production of milk, meat, and physical well-being.
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There are two lines of sheep production: wool sheep and hair sheep. Wool sheep are not suitable for warm climates. Hair sheep, medium- and small-sized, adapt very well to warm climates such as the one in this region. They are not seasonal; that is, females are in heat every 16 days on average. After many years of research, farmers achieved crosses of both production lines. They created new specimens with different genetic features. The result is a new breed with significant advantages over its progenitors: increased prolificacy, great capacity for weight gain, not seasonal. This selection produces lambs of good size in less time, with better marbling. Because they are young animals, the meat is delicate and delicious.


Besides its flavor and tenderness, lamb has:
  • Proteins of high biological value
  • All the essential amino acids required by our body.
  • B group vitamins, especially BI, B6, and B12 (improve the functioning of the nervous system).
  • High iron content, so it is recommended for people suffering from anemia.
  • Rich in selenium, which helps patients with asthma.
lamb Due to its high degree of assimilation, it is recommended for the elderly to prevent the loss of muscle mass.
  • Rich in phosphorus, calcium, and zinc.
  • It is the meat with the highest threonine content (accelerates fat metabolism) and reduces triglycerides and cholesterol.
  • High content of omega 3 and omega 6.
Combining the pleasure of a tasty dish with the benefit for our body produces a very interesting result. To learn more and place orders, contact via WhatsApp: https://wa.me/3224292170.





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