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Mexico Open Volunteering… My Week of “Par-Taking” in All the Fun!

By Brent Lane

February 27, 2024

Did you want to volunteer this year for the Mexico Open, but you were unsure about the process and the experience?  Well, here I am to help you miss all the bogies and hit all the birdies of the full process as I was a volunteer for three days last week.

I took a swing at the Mexico Open, not as a golf enthusiast in the stands this time, but as a volunteer, all thanks to an interview with some event organizers on our radio show – Asphalt. Signing up online was easy.  Enter some contact information, your size for your uniform, and what you would like to do… in my case being a local TV anchor and radio co-host, I chose Media Center of course. Quick tip for future volunteers: check your hat size when you grab your uniform on your first day. I was given an XL by accident, but after a quick swap, I was sporting a much better-fitting medium so I avoided looking like Yosemite Sam if that older reference makes sense to you.

Nessi, our Media Center volunteer leader, was the caddy guiding our team through the full process. Sure, the Open sends out lots of information via email once you sign up, but the personal messages and answers helped me to be at ease going into my rookie season of volunteering at the Open.  Sure, I don’t know if every team leader communicated personally this much… but this is about my experience and Nessi, Raul, Ramon, and the team really got me started on the right foot!

So day one begins at the volunteer tent after a little adventure figuring out volunteer parking.  It wasn’t hard once I knew where to go and there were tons of open spaces… but just finding the right spot the first time requires you to get there a tiny bit earlier than normal on your first day.  I did read that you should get there early each day to make sure you get breakfast before your shift begins… so all good!  Now I have arrived at my new 19th hole, the Volunteer Tent.  It buzzed with energy, courtesy of Raul and Axel. They made sure each volunteer was teed up and ready for their role each day as well as making sure I was fed and even got to meet the Executive Chef for the volunteers.

Dress code talk – they got a bit specific this year which I’m sure is the same every year… but one area they could do a little better is letting you know what your “bottom half” has to be in a little further in advance. Men had to wear grey shorts, and women had to rock grey skorts or pants. An earlier heads-up would’ve been good golf etiquette. Luckily I owned a perfect pair of grey shorts that were the correct length per the volunteer rules.

Now about that volunteer tent … Icebox Central! Thanks to the jacket they gave me as part of the outfit, they couldn’t freeze me out in the morning.  In my case, I was volunteering in the Media Center so we had AC all day… I’m sure many of the outdoor volunteers appreciate the cool air in the morning.

Let’s talk about our FOOD! Breakfasts and lunches for volunteers weren’t just snacks out of a golf cart; they were very tasty meals. Breakfast is a mix of made-to-order and buffet items including coffee and café de olla for those who want more of a local flavor. One day was chilaquiles, another huevos rancheros, and lunches were up to par as well and included pork tenderloin one day and many other pretty darn tasty offerings.  The Mexico Open made sure we were well-fed and had drinks available all day.

Here’s a sweet bonus for volunteers – free tickets! Yeah… I said FREE… and these tickets are not cheap for attendees. Whether for your days off or to share the experience with friends and family, the Mexico Open is a great event for those who love golf or know nothing about it.

Gourmet food, craft cocktails, vendors handing out cool SWAG, and getting up close and personal with professional golfers as well as international and Mexican celebrities… the Open should not be missed!

Finally, what do you take home once the tournament is over besides new friends and some cool memories (did I mention I got to congratulate and fist bump the champion, Jake Knapp)?
Well for one, you get some cool Adidas gear. Stylish gear that not only made us look great on the course, but a perfect addition to the all-so-popular “Athleisure” style everyone, including my wife, is wearing right now. I also took home a cool drink tumbler and various other memorabilia from the 2024 Mexico Open.

As I reflect on my week of “par-taking” in all the fun, it’s not just about doing the daily work and keeping things running smoothly; it’s about the new friends I made during the week, what I gave back especially when I helped with the First Tee organization onsite my second day and the full experience of being a volunteer at the 2nd biggest sporting event in all of Mexico!  I hope to see many of you reading this article there next year!





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