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Mousai and Garza Blanca hotels renew Diamonds

By Tribune Travel

August 16, 2022

The AAA travel association, one of the most renowned in this hotel awards category, renewed its 5 and 4 Diamond designations to the hotels Mousai and Garza Blanca.

Cecilia Bustos, general manager of Hotel Mousai, reported the achievement and celebrated that they have earned the award for eight consecutive years, since the hotel opened in 2015.

She said that it is a succession of everyday procedures that start with training and are not a one-day process.


There are rules to abide by, a number of daily routines we must follow, and a fundamental service mentality.

The inspector stayed at the hotel again this year to experience life as a guest, the director noted. This inspection is anonymous because management only finds out about the visit at the time of departure.

In other words, since the examination is a part of regular life, there is no previous preparation.

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The leaders of all departments inspire their teams to uphold the standards of excellence by setting an example for everyone else to follow. This is known as the “Five Diamonds” work concept.

The award of the Four Diamonds of the Triple A, according to Johnatan Dáz, general manager of the Garza Blanca hotel, is a major accomplishment for the entire organization and a testament to the dedication of all staff members to providing the greatest experiences for guests.


Regarding the strategy, the manager pointed out that the Diamond guidelines are part of the induction process, and then they work hand in hand with the collaborators to reinforce them in daily practice.

A special ceremony will soon award the 5 and 4 Diamond plaques.






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