Puerto Vallarta
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Puerto Vallarta mayoral debate: engaging citizens for democratic discourse

By Tribune Travel

April 25, 2024

CPS Media has announced an unprecedented mayoral debate for Puerto Vallarta, scheduled for May 6 and broadcasted live on various platforms including TV Mar, Radiante FM, and Tribuna de la Bahía.

The initiative responds to public demand for insight into mayoral candidates’ proposals. Renowned local communicator Rodrigo López Becerril will moderate, ensuring fairness.

The debate aims to foster dialogue between candidates and citizens, featuring questions from the audience. Topics cover pressing community concerns, with questions randomly selected for fairness.

The event is crucial for local democracy, offering voters direct access to candidates’ perspectives and promoting transparency. All candidates from different coalitions and parties have been invited, with four confirmed to participate.

This debate presents a unique opportunity to enhance democratic discourse and citizen engagement. CPS Media, along with its partners, remains committed to providing impartial news and facilitating responsible journalism, promoting inclusive political deliberation in Puerto Vallarta.







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