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Puerto Vallarta promoted at the Transat airline seminars in Quebec City

By Tribune Travel

June 15, 2023

The warmth of Puerto Vallarta is present at the seminars and trade shows of the training academy of the Canadian airline Transat in Quebec, Canada, where the company updates its strategies, defines its plan for the winter 2023-2024 and analyzes useful tools for its travel agents.

With the participation of the Marketing Assistant of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Promotion Trust, Nitzy Ríos, this destination shows its attractions to the travel advisors of one of the main airlines in the east coast of Canada, and thus participates in the activities of the series of seminars that have already been held in several Canadian cities.

The airline’s sales team meets with the travel advisors at these locations to share product updates, travel advice, and promotions, and to provide information on the tourist destinations they sent representatives to, like Puerto Vallarta.

Similarly, after the update seminars that have been held in Toronto, London, Hamilton, Halifax, and now in Quebec and Montreal, local hotel representatives and business partners meet with the consultants at trade shows.

Transat’s chief commercial officer, Nicole Bursey, announced that the airline has increased its selection of vacation packages for the winter of 2023–2024, giving travelers looking for a tropical getaway in the south a choice of more than 370 hotels, including 50 new additions, with departures from eight Canadian cities.

Transat offers five unique travel packages, each with its own special advantages: Luxury, Family, R and R, Solo, and Out of Office.  Promotion is crucial because the general public can benefit greatly from this event in light of the exorbitant cost of vacations.

The company’s president and CEO, Annick Guérard, said that despite a price increase of nearly 24 percent in the first four months of the year, demand for leisure travel is still strong.

She emphasized that while people are aware that they will pay more for their vacations, price is not the only deciding factor because travelers are seeking out different kinds of experiences. They are very pleased with the production for the winter, she said.

One of Transat’s novelties, “Out of Office,” was developed in response to the epidemic of digital nomads who prefer to work remotely. It has been a huge success because many people prefer to work in a hotel with reliable internet and other amenities that support their activities.

Each winter, Transat is one of the Canadian airlines that sends the greatest number of visitors from this area of Canada’s east coast, who stay for anywhere between 15 days and three months.





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