Puerto Vallarta
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Restaurants would reduce seating capacity due to lack of personnel

By Rodrigo López Becerril

October 07, 2022

The restaurant industry is getting ready for the peak winter season with available employees and personnel they can hire between now and November. However, they do not rule out the possibility of accepting fewer customers if their operating seating capacity does not enable them to function at full capacity.

In this regard, Jorge Luis Carbajal, president of the Puerto Vallarta Chamber of Restaurants, noted that a lack of operating personnel represents their primary issue as the winter season 2022-2023 begins next month.

Previously, there were capacity restrictions based on health sector indicators; this year, some large restaurants may use a similar approach to reduce capacity but owing to a lack of operating people.

On a more upbeat note, he underlined that preparation and training are among the most essential areas for the sector he represents. As businessmen, he said, we have multiple fronts and must be knowledgeable, forewarned, and prepared to comply with all duties.

Jorge Luis Carbajal, president of the Puerto Vallarta Chamber of Restaurants

According to Jorge Luis Carbajal, gastronomy is a foundation of the tourism business. Thus, restaurants must be prepared to accept diners, serve them effectively, and ensure their health and well-being.

Canirac helps entrepreneurs, according to the executive, as new eateries operate in the region as a result of the tourist rebound.

We help them with guidance, commercial partners, and talks with the three levels of government to make their work easier, with the goal of making them long-lasting and profitable businesses.

Finally, he encouraged the people to take advantage of the various openings in the city’s restaurants, where there are always opportunities for growth.





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