Puerto Vallarta
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To address this, they've launched the Discharge Control Program, imposing fines for non-compliance

Sewage leaks from restaurants without grease traps says SEAPAL

By Tribune Travel

January 25, 2024

Seapal Vallarta says that sewage leaks in downtown Puerto Vallarta are caused by blockages from restaurants without grease traps. Penalties are being prepared for non-compliant establishments.

In Puerto Vallarta, SEAPAL, led by Rigoberto Velázquez Navarro, is tackling sewage leaks in Centro and Zona Romántica caused by restaurant grease. To address this, they’ve launched the Discharge Control Program, imposing fines for non-compliance. The program aims to prevent water and asset pollution while safeguarding the sewage system’s integrity. Velázquez Navarro highlights significant grease volumes from various sources, posing challenges to the city’s infrastructure.

The Grease Trap Program, a crucial part of the initiative, operates in three phases, relying on density differences. Regular manual maintenance is key to prevent blockages. A surveillance program in the city center, focusing on areas with many restaurants, monitors commercial discharges. Approximately 200 businesses in Emiliano Zapata have been inspected, revealing variations in grease trap standards based on customer volume. This program is essential for environmental integrity, tackling sewerage challenges, and fostering responsible waste disposal in Puerto Vallarta. Collaboration between businesses and authorities is crucial for a sustainable and healthy community.







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