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Hospiten Unveils Its Refreshed Brand Image

The weave that unites us: the new image of Hospiten

By Tribune Travel

April 25, 2024

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, April 16, 2024. Today marks the dawn of a new era for Hospiten, showcasing the company’s ongoing metamorphosis through a revitalized narrative that sets its sights on the future while staying rooted in its core values.

At the heart of this narrative lies the brand ethos: “A lifetime dedicated to advancing healthcare.” Honoring over 50 years of commitment to “cultivating environments of wellness around individuals,” Hospiten’s renewed purpose underscores the fusion of talent and technology, all in service of a greater good.

Pedro Luis Cobiella Beauvais, Vice President and CEO of Hospiten, elucidates, “Our fresh imagery mirrors our pledge to empower individuals, enabling them to take charge of their own health journey. Yet, it also pays homage to our origins, steeped in a familial spirit that continues to drive our company forward. It’s a culture and ethos that resonates with the values guiding every member of the Hospiten family.”

“This strategic realignment manifests in a more mature identity that accentuates our company’s innovative and technological prowess, aligning our brand with the expansion and progress we’re witnessing,” adds Pedro Luis Cobiella Beauvais.

Crafted in collaboration with FutureBrand, a leading brand consultancy within the MacCann Group, Hospiten’s new identity and strategic positioning herald a fresh chapter, building upon the groundwork laid during the brand’s 2011 repositioning.

With over 5,000 dedicated professionals operating across 5 countries, Hospiten offers diverse perspectives on healthcare delivery. Together with the communities they serve, they weave a tapestry of medical, social, and human interrelation.

Under the banner of “The Weave That Unites Us,” Hospiten shines a light on its profound transformation journey. This journey, reflected not only in a visual identity update but also in deeper organizational restructuring, in other words: A renewed commitment to dialogue with individuals, teams, and society at large.

The new identity symbolizes the construction of a holistic well-being fabric, stitched together with the company’s wealth of experience, maturity, and expertise, where each individual plays a pivotal role.

About Hospiten:

Hospiten is an esteemed international healthcare network dedicated to delivering unparalleled service, with a rich history spanning over 50 years. With 20 private medical-hospital centers across Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, and Panama, alongside over 150 outpatient medical centers under the Clinic Assist brand, Hospiten, founded by Dr. Pedro Luis Cobiella, annually serves more than two million patients worldwide, boasting a dedicated staff of over 5,000 individuals.





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