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The Villa Group revalidates Preverisk certificates of international standards

By Tribune Travel

April 25, 2023

The Villa Group hotels in Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit received Preverisk 2022 certificates on Monday, assuring that these lodging facilities adhere to the highest international standards of hygiene, food safety, and water management.

The Villa Group has been working with the firm Preverisk for 13 years as a part of its high commitment to its establishments’ safety and hygiene programs. They also demand strict controls in the handling of air conditioning equipment as an integral standard with the care of guests’, visitors’, and employees’ health.

The Preverisk Group’s Johana Velásquez, who is in charge of Business Development and Operations, was in charge of delivering the certificates to the hotels:

Villa del Palmar 

Villa La Estancia

Villa del Palmar Flamingos 

Preverisk Group is a consulting firm that issues a certificate to the safety and hygiene programs that must meet specific requirements. It is a program that has more than six modules; it evaluates the water treatment of the pool service, documentation and management, food handling, infrastructure, and everything else related to hygiene and cleanliness.

She claimed that all three hotels met or exceeded the annual certification’s 80% compliance threshold. For instance, Villa La Estancia scored 93.7%, while Villa del Palmar of Puerto Vallarta and Villa del Palmar Flamingos both achieved the same score of 94.8%.

With regard to the evaluation process, a multidisciplinary hygiene committee was established with the help of the kitchen, maintenance, and training staff. As a result, each area receives monthly audits through a Preverisk representative who thoroughly inspects the facilities of each hotel and assesses the program’s implementation.

With reporting by Brenda Beltrán for Tribuna de la Bahía





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