Puerto Vallarta
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Tourism Trust strengthens promotion of Vallarta in Chihuahua

By Tribune Travel

June 04, 2024

Last week, the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust launched a series of promotional activities in Chihuahua, partnering with local hotels to boost the national market. These activities included promotional visits and seminars with sales agents.

One key activity was visiting travel agencies, where a detailed presentation about Puerto Vallarta was given.

This presentation highlighted the destination’s key attractions, such as its paradisiacal beaches, beach clubs, and various activities like sailing tours in the bay, mountain excursions, and romantic dinners by the sea. Travel agencies also received Puerto Vallarta totems to display in their offices.

Another crucial point emphasized was the excellent connectivity with flights to Puerto Vallarta from Mexico City, Monterrey, and Tijuana. Additionally, the new highway connecting Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta in under three hours was highlighted, showcasing improved accessibility.

The seminars included top travel advisors who were educated about the destination, with the aim of making Puerto Vallarta the first choice for families from Chihuahua.







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