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Vallarta Award 2023 presented on Vallarta’s anniversary

By Tribune Travel

June 02, 2023

This Wednesday afternoon, May 31st, the ceremonial session for the 105th anniversary of Puerto Vallarta as a municipality and 55th as a city was held, during which the Vallarta Award was presented and the history of this tourist destination was recalled.

Only five awards were given, but none of them was the most representative of the date, which is the “Ignacio Luis Vallarta Ogazon Award”.

Raul Gibran Martinez Peña, also a member of the Vallarta Award Advisory Board, received the “Manuel Lepe Macedo” Award for excellence in the field of the arts; Jose Carlos Vazquez Parra received the “Francisca Rodriguez Rodriguez” Award for excellence in the field of education; Wenceslao Palomar Meza received the “Jesús Palacios Robles” Award for social services; José Martín Puebla Ontiveros received the “Agustín Flores Contreras” Award for individuals or legal entities who have promoted entrepreneurship and economic development; and Gary Wayne Thompson received the “Teresa Barba Palomera” Award for culture promoters.

On this occasion, the solemn session was held in the courtyard of the Municipal Presidency, where businessmen, municipal officials and citizens in general attended to commemorate the port.





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