Puerto Vallarta
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Vallarta lost 1,500 trees with ‘Lidia’, the Department of Ecology invites to plant new ones

By Tribune Travel

February 21, 2024

In Puerto Vallarta, hurricane “Lidia” caused significant damage, including the loss of approximately 1,500 trees. The Municipal Ecology subdirectory assists citizens in replanting trees, offering guidance, and providing up to three saplings per household.

Municipal Public Services handles tree-related tasks, while Municipal Ecology conducts environmental education talks. They encourage planting species like ficus to avoid damaging pipes and cables. The department provides recommendations and certification for healthy growth. Fruit and lumber trees are recommended for homes, while the nursery has 1,500 seedlings ready for planting.

Residents must obtain permission to prune or cut down trees, as they belong to the municipality. The effort aims to mitigate environmental damage and restore green spaces post-hurricane.








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