Puerto Vallarta
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Weather and weddings foster a rebound in hotel occupancy

By Tribune Travel

January 17, 2023

The relation holds true: the number of visitors from that latitude who visit the beaches during the winter is directly proportional to the amount of snow that falls in North American cities.

Some hotels in Puerto Vallarta saw a little decline in occupancy this week, but towards the end of the month, things are already looking positive. Since Canada’s temperatures are still low and February is a popular month for weddings, a recovery is anticipated.

For Canadians, the month of February is ideal to spend a couple of weeks at the beach. It is also one of the best months of the year, as freezing temperatures, winter storms and the effects of these phenomena make more people decide to spend several weeks away from home.

In Puerto Vallarta, the trend for reservations for February is around 80%. The directors of the hotel place a high priority on keeping their staff employed so that they may support their families.

In addition to family travel, the romance industry has experienced a significant resurgence, making the chilly climate of the continent’s north and the warmth of love advantages that continue to draw travelers here.





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