Puerto Vallarta
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The resilient whale Cindy has returned to Puerto Vallarta

By Tribune Travel

February 22, 2024

Cindy, one of Mexico’s beloved whales, has returned to Puerto Vallarta. The large mammal visits the Banderas Bay almost every year to reproduce in its warm waters. Cindy has a survival story – she survived a collision and is known to local service providers, environmentalists, and biologists.

Astrid Frisch Jordán, president of the “Ecology and Conservation of Whales” organization, has known Cindy since 2002. Cindy had her first calf in 2008 and became an ambassador for the “Less Speed = More Lives” campaign after surviving a collision in 2011. Unfortunately, Cindy lost two calves due to boat collisions. Now, she has a new calf, which brings hope.

Cindy whale with collision marks

The organization recently launched a video to prevent whale and boat collisions. Astrid recommends caution while navigating during this season: reduce speed, have a lookout on the bow, and be mindful of marine life. It’s crucial to navigate at a slower speed, especially in areas with whales, as they can be difficult to spot, particularly mothers with calves.

Enjoy navigating at a slower pace and observing marine life responsibly.







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