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The gynecological report in a rape case is said to have been misplaced by the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office

By Jimena Baumgarten

February 19, 2024

The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office is facing criticism as it has reportedly lost the gynecological report in an alleged rape case involving the ex-boyfriend of the mayor.

CPS News sought information on the investigation’s progress, but the Prosecutor’s Office declined to provide details, stating that they are compiling the case and continuing investigations.

The victim, Merai Gutiérrez, claims delays in the legal process due to the mayor’s influence, allowing the accused to secure legal protections.

Additionally, the Prosecutor’s Office has lost the gynecological report and has been unable to locate the performing gynecologist.

Merai filed the complaint in July 2023, and she recently expressed frustration over the lack of justice after more than 10 months, attributing it to the mayor’s influence.

As a result, the victim has had to relocate to another state due to threats and vandalism of her home. The information is sourced from Carolina Gómez of CPS News





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