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Reconstruction of the Nuestra Señora de la Paz church in Bucerías promoted

By Tribune Travel

June 16, 2023

Neighbors continue to promote and manage the renovation project for Buceras’ main temple so that the locals in the town’s center understand the importance of having a building that is more welcoming to both domestic and foreign tourists.

It was proposed by the priest in charge since last year, but when the idea was made public, a chorus of nonconformist voices argued that the structure is fine because its architecture is so typical of the area.

The need for a better church and for its design to enable them to take advantage of the tranquility and peace the town offers is felt by some militant Catholic members of the committee for the building of the new church. With the intention of providing the visitor with a respectable space, this concept is still being spread among the populace.

The Nuestra Seora de la Paz temple is currently in disrepair, with the paint peeling off the front of the building and the gardens being neglected. Because the doors are always open, many alcoholics and the homeless use the temple to sleep on the benches or among the plants.

Many domestic tourists primarily come to the temple of Buceras to eat at the restaurants before exploring the central square or the handicrafts market. However, the temple is unattractive and has very simple architecture.





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