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Body stretching for your wellness

By Tribune Travel

May 16, 2022

Learning to calm your body has become a vital skill. Before spending all day sitting in front of a computer at work, start your day with a stretching exercise. You will calm your body, improve your posture, and prevent joint damage.  Here are some body stretching you can do to begin.

Neck stretchings

Start your daily stretching exercise with mild neck movements. they are among the most effective ways to relax your body. While this is a vital aspect of a full-body stretch, remember to move slowly and gently. Begin by staring directly over your shoulder while you turn your head from side to side. Tilt your head forward to your chest and then tip your chin up to the sky. This will relax your mind and body. Make semicircles with your ear to your shoulder, chin to chest, and then the other ear to your shoulder. Thus, you will complete this phase of your body stretching practice.

body stretching neck and arm

Shoulder Stretchings

The shoulders and chest are the focus of the next portion of your full body stretch regimen. Begin by shrugging your shoulders up and down as part of your everyday stretching regimen. Inhale as you lift your shoulders to your ears and exhale as you lower your shoulder blades. Make circles with your shoulders, first to the front and then to the back, to continue your stretching routine. Hook one arm under the other and drag it across your chest to stretch the supraspinatus muscle in your upper back.

Look over the opposite shoulder from where your arm is pointed or clasp your hands behind your back. It will deepen this body stretching exercise. Tricep and shoulder rotator stretches complete this section of your full body stretches. Bend one arm over your head and slowly extend it back towards the center of your spine with your opposing hand.

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Core Stretchings

Some of the best full-body stretches for relaxing your mind and body focus on your core, stomach muscles, and the centre of your back. Place one hand on the side of your thigh or knee and stretch the other hand up and across. Bend at the hips, holding your arms out like a plane, until your body creates a 90° angle after repeating this on both sides. Place one hand directly beneath your shoulders and lift the other to the sky, opening your chest to the side.

Reach your arms forward while keeping your waist bent after stretching on both sides. Then, with your hands clasped together, let them fall up and over your head. Stand up, place your hands on your lower back, and bend backwards for a short back bend to finish your stretching routine.

body stretching leg and back

When it comes to how to relax your body, nothing beats a nice stretching session. It not only helps to prevent injuries and relieve the strain of sitting all day, but it also helps to calm the mind and body. Even the best full-body stretches may be made even deeper by synchronizing them with your breath, inhaling before stretching and exhaling as you stretch. One of the finest ways to relax your body right now is to follow along with the body stretching practice in this video.





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