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Cancun Useful Information

By Tribune Travel

July 13, 2022

TIME ZONE: Cancun is part of the Municipality of Benito Juarez in the state of Quintana Roo. All the state is located in the Eastern Standard Time zone (GMT-5), same time zone as New York and Toronto. Daylight Saving Time is not observed.

CURRENCY: Mexican peso is the legal currency. However, American dollars are widely used and accepted in most establishments. We recommend you be aware of the exchange rate.

MONEY EXCHANGE: The easiest and cheapest way to exchange money is to use your debit card in the ATM to withdraw pesos. Be aware of the exchange rate option some ATMs offer upon withdrawal. Exchange houses and hotels usually offer higher rates.

TAXIS: The town and surrounding areas are divided into defined zones. if you are staying in a hotel, fares will be posted by the lobby. If you flag a cab on the street, ALWAYS agree on the cost beforehand.  In town, prices are by trip, not by person. Only airport- and maritime port-based taxis charge by person, but you can´t catch those in town. UBER, Didi and Cabify are available in town but will not pick you up in federal-sanctioned areas such as the airport.

BUSES: A system of urban buses carry you through the Hotel Zone and to downtown. The buses run every five minutes, with the most popular routes being R1 and R2. One way fare typically costs $10.50 Pesos which is roughly 50 cents in USD. It is also helpful to remember that buses running along the ocean-side of the road are headed north towards downtown, while buses running along the lagoon-side of the road are going south towards the Hotel Zone.

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DRINKING WATER: Cancun’s water has featured a great purity for the past two decades. However, the quality of the water tested at the source varies greatly from what comes out of the tap at the other end. We strongly suggest you buy bottled water, available all over town.

cancun useful information

TIPPING: In general, you may tip 10 – 20% in restaurants and bars. Please also try to tip those who bag your groceries or help load your car. Don’t forget to tip your maid, bell boy, masseuse, the band, the entertainment. And by all means, tip more if you want, it will be very much appreciated.

GETTING AROUND: In many places around Cancun there are paths for bikes and pedestrians. Please be respectful of these designations.

EXPORTING PETS: If you are an animal lover and fall for a dog or cat while in town, know that bringing them home with you is an easy and inexpensive process. You only need a certificate of health from a local vet and check with your airline for additional requirements. If you need further information, call the City’s Animal’s Protection and Wellbeing Direction: 998 892 1967.

PHONE CALLS: Mexico has recently adopted the 10-digit system for all local, long distance, and toll-free numbers, either land or mobile lines. If you bring your mobile phone from home, check with your provider about services available in Mexico or consider getting a Mexican SIM card. Most domestic carriers will give you unlimited calls to Mexico, US and Canada for as little as $200 pesos per month, plus some data included.


US & Canada: Dial 001 + Area Code + Number

Other countries: Dial 00 + Country Code + Area Code + Number


To make a call to Mexico from abroad, just dial the country code + the 10-digit number.



Immigration department

998 881 3560

American consulate – 24/7

998 883 0272

Canadian consulate – 24/7

998 883 3360

Quintana Roo Tourism Office

998 881 9000

Consumer Protection (PROFECO)

800 468 8722





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