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Coconut water is a healthy delight

By Tribune Travel

November 18, 2021

It evokes childhood memories, and we associate it with relaxation and pleasure. Children from the coast consume it as much as the most beautiful women. It stands out on the table alongside cocktails and fish. We mix it with alcoholic beverages or drink it in exotic glasses. Coconut water is unquestionably an essential part of the Mexican beach scene.

We like to look at postcards of Mexico’s unrivaled beaches. We see the fierce sun, the sea waves, and beaches with palm trees and coconuts hanging. They stand out as symbols of happiness and joy.

Some of us yearn for a glass of chilled coconut water. That is nothing special unless we know what’s in it. Its content is an aspect that often goes ignored.

The water of this tropical fruit has been a coveted prize since ancient times. It delivers many nutritional and health benefits to those who ingest it.

coconut water

This fruit has a powerful and pleasant taste. It is native to the Pacific Ocean islands and coasts, Central America, tropical Africa, and the Caribbean. Inhabitants have employed coconut as a natural treatment against many ailments.

Coconut water is credited with certain features that improve health to extensive scientific research, we now know that 300 milliliters contains a huge number of nutrients.

The coconut’s composition changes as it ages. Fat is the primary component after water. It is heavy in saturated fatty acids (88.6% of total) and has the highest caloric value of all fruits. Also, vitamins, carbs, and proteins are all present.

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It’s renowned for its fiber content, which serves as a mild laxative and lowers cholesterol while also managing blood glucose levels, making it a good choice for diabetics.

It contains magnesium, which helps the intestine operate properly, strengthens nerves, muscles, bones, and teeth, and boosts immunity. Potassium and phosphorus aid nerve impulse transmission and production, as well as normal muscular action.

It also contains vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties. Also present are some water-soluble B vitamins, essential for our bodies’ optimal functioning.

Coconut water is high in proteins and minerals like phosphorus and iron. We can use it to substitute cow’s milk due to its nutritious characteristics. The exquisite coconut milk, made by squeezing the pulp of the fruit, has a similar composition to mother’s milk.





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