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Hospiten and Unidos de Corazón: An Alliance for Children’s Heart Health

By Tribune Travel

February 08, 2024

We are honored to share our achievements and goals in the 11th edition of the “Unidos de Corazón”, Joined in Heart Journeys, a unique event representing an unprecedented milestone in the region’s health calendar thanks to our fruitful collaboration with Hospiten Cabo San Lucas. We are strongly committed to the community’s health and well-being, and most especially to the children and teenagers who suffer from heart disease. 

Ayuda Corazón de Niño A.C. is a civil association that has worked tirelessly since its establishment in 2001 to provide free, high-quality attention to children and teenagers of Baja California with congenital heart disease. We are pleased to inform you that we currently have 13 patients from Baja California’s five municipalities programmed to receive surgical interventions and specialized procedures aimed at improving their quality of life. The association has successfully treated more than 200 cases since its creation, resulting in a positive impact on 50% of the patients with this condition in the State. 

The “Unidos del Corazón” Alliance, in cooperation with “Amigos de los Niños de Cabo San Lucas”, Philips Mexico, Terumo, and Hospiten, has made a significant contribution to treat 50% of the cases that require attention in our State. 

It is crucial to acknowledge that congenital heart disease is the second cause of death in children under five years old in Mexico. Every year, 16,737 children are born with heart disease, and 11,157 of them will require intervention or surgery. The national waiting list reaches 9,484 children nationwide, and the average waiting period to get treatment is 5 to 7 years. Sadly, that implies many patients will never receive the care they need. 

Children’s Heart Health Hospiten

The programmed procedures include heart surgery, catheterization, pacemaker implantation, and cardiac ablation procedures, all of them designed to address heart conditions and complications. We recognize the diversity of cases and the importance of providing all-encompassing, specialized attention for each patient regardless of their age or condition. 

This year, we are proud to announce that we are evaluating the possibility of expanding our activities to the State of Quintana Roo. Our purpose is to provide care and support to local children who suffer similar challenges. However, to make this initiative a reality, we need the support and collaboration of the authorities, sister foundations, and private initiatives of the State of Quintana Roo. Hospiten Mexico is committed to this Project, which makes it possible to announce the first “Unidos de Corazón”, Joined in Heart Journey, in Quintana Roo. 

We want to highlight that in Quintana Roo, we have identified a list of 45 candidates for treatment, which stresses the urgency and necessity to expand our activities to the region so we can provide the specialized medical attention these patients are in so much need of. 

We want to express our deep gratitude to Hospiten for its generosity and steady commitment to this noble cause and to all the outstanding personalities who support this initiative. Their patronage and dedication are essential to building a future full of health and hope for these courageous children and teenagers. 

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